All big efforts and challenges need of a powerful human staff. In order to achieve the objectives of the projects in which the Chair of Computational Mathematics is involved a multidisciplinary team has been formed. Here you can see the people related to the Chair of Computational Mathematics as past members:


Yuhua ZhuYuhua Zhu is a Ph.D student in Department of Mathematics at University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, Wisconsin-USA). Her interests lie in computational mathematics and uncertainty quantification.

Cesare MolinariCésare Molinari is PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile). His scientific interests are related to numerical algorithms for maximal monotone variational inequalities and convex non-differentiable optimization. In this context, his research is focused on the design of the algorithms, on the analysis of the asymptotic properties and of the rate of convergence. This theory finds natural applications in sparse optimal control of PDE and reconstruction of images. Currently, he is doing an internship in Control Theory under the joint supervision of professor Enrique Zuazua.

Staff Members

Javier MartínJavier Martín is the Computational Technician at the research project funded by the European Research Council Advanced Grant “DYCON: Dynamic Control”. He has developed his career in the scope of the information technologies from his studies of engineering, passing through his activities as senior developer and systems analyst. He is vocational training teacher on information systems and applications.