Conference of the Euro-Maghreb International Research Network in Mathematics and Applications (GE2MI)

Euro-Maghreb International Research Network is a scientific network in mathematics and applied mathematics between Algeria, France, Italy, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. The 2019 conference of the network will welcome more than 20 plenary speakers, who are all international leaders in their own field of research. These plenary talks will offer a panorama of active domains and will cover various topics like PDEs, Control Theory, Inverse Problems, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Scientific Computing, Biomathematics, Imaging and Dynamical Systems.

Young researchers (PhD students, Post-doc students, Lecturers…) are strongly encouraged to join the meeting. If needed, they may apply for fundings on the registration webpage and they may propose to give a contribution (talk or poster).

For further information please check the event’s webpage.