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COST workshop: Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks (mat-dyn-net)

February 17, 2021
14:30. Ernesto Estrada (Zaragoza): Hubs-biased Laplacian operators and hubs-biased dynamics on graphs/networks

15:30. Gissell Estrada-Rodriguez (UPMC, Paris): Metaplex networks: influence of the exo-endo structure of complex systems on diffusion

16:15. Matthias Keller (Potsdam): From Hardy to Rellich inequalities and Agmon estimates on graphs

17:15. Christian Rose (Potsdam): Neumann heat kernel estimates for integral Ricci curvature conditions

February 18, 2021
14:30. Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz): A new uncertainty principle at low energies

15:30. Marcel Schmidt (Jena/Leipzig): Poincaré inequalities on graphs

16:15. Yehuda Pinchover (Technion, Haifa): On the equivalence of heat kernels of second-order parabolic operators

17:15. Matthias Hoffmann (Lisbon): An existence theory for nonlinear equations on metric graphs via energy methods

18:00. Andrea Serio (Stockholm): On extremal eigenvalues of the graph Laplacian

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