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Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control -INdAM workshop

This month on July 2nd., our team member Umberto Biccari will talk about “Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control” at the INdAM Workshop on Analysis and Numerics of Design, Control and Inverse Problems organized in a mix mode (on site at Rome and online -Zoom/Youtube) on July 1st. to July 7th.

Abstract. We consider the Selective Harmonic Modulation (SHM) problem, consisting in the design of a staircase control signal with some prescribed frequency components. We propose a novel methodology to address SHM as an optimal control problem in which the admissible controls are piece-wise constant functions, taking values only in a given finite set. In order to fulfill this constraint, we introduce a cost functional with piece-wise affine penalization for the control, which, by means of Pontryagin’s maximum principle, makes the optimal control have the desired staircase form. Moreover, the addition of the penalization term for the control provides uniqueness and continuity of the solution with respect to the target frequencies. We also provide several numerical examples in which the SHM problem is solved by means of our approach.



Friday July 2, 2021 at 15:10H (CEST Time)

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