Ecole CIMPA : Contrôle, Problèmes Inverses et Géométrie

April 18-28th, 2018 | HAMMAMET-TUNISIE

The theory of control (and stabilization) of PDE and inverse problems are two related themes and play an important role in the analysis of PDE. Their study uses many tools, in particular energy inequalities. Moreover, Riemannian geometry is at the frontier of these two themes. Ecole CIMPA proposes to offer courses that respond to the need for training in these various fields: control and stabilization, inverse problems, Carleman inequalities, Riemannian geometry.

Courses, conferences and seminars

  • Course 1 by K. Beauchard (ENS Rennes): “Control of degenerate parabolic equations of hypoelliptic type “
  • Course 2 by A. Ruiz (Univ. Autonoma Madrid):” Inverse sattering problems for perturbations of laplacean and Calderón inverse problems”
  • Course 3 by A. Zeghib (ENS Lyon): “Configuration spaces: Geometry, Topology, Dynamics, Physics and Technology “
  • Course 4 by E. Trelat (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie): “Stabilization of PDE’s “
  • Course 5 by C. Laurent (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, France): “Analyse microlocale et application à la théorie du contrôle”
  • Course 6 by J. Le Rousseau (Univ. Paris 13) & D.D.S Ferreira (Univ. Lorraine): “Inégalités de Carleman et applications”
  • Conference 1: G. Lebeau (Univ. de Nice)
  • Conference 2: E.Zuazua (Univ.Autonoma de Madrid)
  • Conference 3: M.Bellassoued (Univ. Tunis El Manar)
  • Conference 4: A. Benabdallah (Univ. Aix-Marseille)
  • Conference 5: M. Moakher (Univ. Tunis El Manar)
  • Conference 6: I. Ben Aïcha (Univ. Tunis El Manar)
  • Conference 7: L.Oksanen (Univ. College London)
  • Conference 8: M. Leautaud (Univ. Paris-Diderot)
  • Conference 9: L.Robbiano (Univ. Versailles St Quentin)
  • Seminar 1 : D. Amroun (UST Houari Boumediene)
  • Seminar 2: D. Teniou (UST Houari Boumediene)
  • Seminar 3 : B. Abdellaoui (Univ. Tlemcen)
  • Seminar 4: A. El Jai (Univ. Marrakech )