Controllability of low Reynolds numbers swimmers of ciliate type

Friday, February 2nd, 2018
11:30-13:00, TIMON Room at DeustoTech

Jérôme Lohéac

University of Lorraine (CRAN), Nancy, France.

In this talk, I will consider the problem of the locomotion of a ciliated microorganism in a viscous incompressible fluid. I will use the Blake ciliated model: the swimmer is a rigid body with tangential displacements at its boundary that allow it to propel in a Stokes fluid. This can be seen as a control problem: using periodical displacements, is it possible to reach a given position and a given orientation? We are interested in the minimal dimension d of the space of controls that allows the microorganism to swim. The main result states the exact controllability with d = 3 generically with respect to the shape of the swimmer and with respect to the vector fields generating the tangential displacements. The proof is based on analyticity results and on the study of the particular case of spheroidal swimmer.
This is a joint work with T. Takahashi (IECL, Nancy, France).