ForoTech 2019

ForoTech 2019

Spain. 17.05.2019. Last week, from May 15 to 17, the University of Deusto held the 7th edition of Forotech, the forum for the meeting between the university, companies and the students, which seeks to bring engineering and technology closer to the public and encourage vocations to research and technological development, especially among women. It is organized by the Faculty of Engineering and has the sponsorship and collaboration of twenty-five public and private entities that trust and bet on engineering and technology to deepen economic growth and social welfare.

The Chair of Computational Mathematics was present at the technological exhibition and actively participated in the diffusion and awareness of teconolgical advancements, showing simulations and possible uses of Control Theory, which is the main topic of research in the Chair and in DyCon: Dynamic Control ERC Project. The visiting students, which came from a variety of different high-schools from Bilbao, were really enthusiastic and impress about the huge range of possibilities of mathematics.

The visiting students also concluded a poll to the following question: “What are mathematics for you?“. We would like to share the most common responses to that answer given by them:

  • A school subject.
  • A way of explaining everything.
  • To solve problems.
  • To make predictions.
  • to compute distances.
  • Something useful in finance and engineering.
  • To win in the casino.
  • Maths are everywhere.
  • To buy in the supermarket.

Some photos of the event can be found below: