Internship student
My main research interest is harmonic analyisis, which has applications in Data Science.

Javier Minguillón Sánchez is a Internship student from UAM. He is doing his internship at the ERC-DyCon project led by Prof. Enrique Zuazua (FAUUniversity of Deusto and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

He got his BsC and MsC. in Mathematics at UAM - University Autonomous of Madrid. His Degree's thesis dealt with Hausdorff measure and a couple results in geometric measure theory and his Master's thesis studied Stein's Spherical Maximal Operator and the Disk Operator.

  • Internship (2021 - Present). UAM / Chair of Computational Mathematics, Deusto Foundation/University of Deusto, Spain
  • Master's Degree in Mathematics and Applications (2020-2021), UAM - University Autonomous of Madrid, Spain
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics (2016-2020), UAM - University Autonomous of Madrid, Spain
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