Leontine Nkamba

Leontine NkambaLeontine Nkamba got her PhD in Mathematics from University of Lorraine (France) and University of Gaston Berger (Senegal). Her thesis was Modelling of Imperfect Vaccine and Robustness of Basic Reproduction Rate. Her research areas are applied mathematics and scientific computation and mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. She is actually deputy director of National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC) and senior lecturer at University of Yaoundé I. Leontine has been awarded a research placement by the program Science by Woman promoted by Women for Africa Foundation in collaboration with Diputación Foral de Bizkaia. This research will be carried out in the Chair of Computational Mathematics of Deustotech-Deusto Foundation during 2018.