LIA COPDESC – Workshop Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear PDEs

COPDESC is a French-German-Italian initiative under the scientific leadership of Fatiha Alabau Boussouira (Metz), Peter Benner (Magdeburg) and Piermarco Cannarsa (Rom). COPDESC stands for Control and Optimization, Nonlinear PDEs, Calculus of Variations, Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis. Its mission is to stimulate cooperation between the three countries France, Germany, and Italy in these fields. COPDESC is organized by the CNRS, the Max Planck Society and INdAM.

The conference will cover in particular the following topics:

  • Applied gradient flows, optimal transportation, rate independent evolution.
  • (Non)Linear homogenization, elasticity, shape optimization
  • Pattern formation
  • Fluid (mechanic)s
  • Waves, interfaces & free boundaries
  • (Optimal) Control of hyperbolic equations

More information on the program will be added when it will be available. For more information please check Regensburg University’s page of the event.

The poster of the event is available here.