On the Emergence of Local Flocking Phenomena in Cucker-Smale Ensemble

Friday, October 19th 11:00, 2018
TIMON Room at DeustoTech

Dongnam Ko
DeustoTech, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

The Cucker-Smale model is one of the flocking model, which describes the dynamics of attracting particles. This talk concerns time-asymptotic behaviors of Cucker-Smale particle ensembles, especially for bi-cluster local flockings. We first see the stability problem in the finite particle model, and then study the hydrodynamic ensemble model in a similar way. Our asymptotic analysis uses the Lyapunov functional approach and a Lagrangian formulation of the system. The bootstrapping argument is the key idea to prove the gathering and separating behaviors simultaneously.