Pontryagin maximum principle, consequences and extentions

From February 6th 2018 to February 9th 2018
Friday & Tuesday, 11:30-13:00. Please check Dates and rooms.

Jerome Loheac

University of Lorraine (CRAN), Nancy, France
In these talks, I will introduce the Pontryagin maximum principle. This principle gives necessary conditions on optimal control problems. I will give different examples illustrating how this principle can help for finding optimal controls. I will in particular focus on time optimal control problems and will give some extensions of this principle to some infinite dimensional control problem.

Dates and rooms (Today is )

Tuesday, February 6th 2018 Jérôme Lohéac TIMON Room at DeustoTech
Friday, February 9th 2018 Jérôme Lohéac TIMON Room at DeustoTech