VIII Partial differential equations, Optimal design and Numerics

From 18th to 30 August 2019, the team members of the Chair of Computational Mathematics in Deusto Foundation participated actively in the international workshop titled “VIII Partial differential equations, Optimal design and Numerics” in the Centro de Ciencias Pedro Pascual. Prof. Enrique Zuazua from Deusto Foundation has been part of the Organising committee since 2006 with the direct collaboration of Giuseppe Buttazzo (University of Pisa), Olivier Glass (University Paris-Dauphine), and Günter Leugering (University Erlangen-Nürnberg).

For two weeks, more than 85 participants from 16 countries participated actively in the workshop. One of the most attractive interest for the mathematics research community to attend this workshop is the methodology applied to encourage the collaboration and network activity between the participants. The workshop programme evolves everyday as different research groups get together to prepare thematic sessions in order to present particular problems and solutions. This open methodology facilitates and guarantees the opportunity to share views an perspectives of different aspects on partial differential equations with the collaboration of different research groups.

This year the team has actively participated in discussion on particular issues as:

  • Hyperbolic systems (heterogeneous damping, bilinear control and conservation laws)
  • Free boundary and fluid-structure problems
  • Control on reaction diffusion systems
  • Turnpike theory and Uniqueness of minimizers in semilinear control