COSNET Project

Spain. 26.09.2018. On tuesday, September 25th, Eneko Unamuno and Jon Andoni Barrena from the University of Mondragón visited DeustoTech for a meeting with the local partners to continue working together in the COSNET project. This project aims to do a thorough research in the Control and stability of Hybrid AC/DC Electrical Grids.

The main topic of the meeting was the theoretical aspects in relation with the non-linear techniques. More specifically, dealing with issues such as:

  • Review of the principles of operation of classic electrical systems.
  • Problems associated to networks with high penetration of electronic power systems.
  • Linear control techniques for the primary regulation and emulation of inertia in both alternate current(AC) and direct current(DC) systems.
  • Introduction to non-linear analysis techniques applicable to electrical systems, based on passivity methods and singular disturbance.
  • Introduction to the origin and fundamentals of oscillators based on the Liénard equations.