Documentary “40 beats, one town”

Spain. 21.10.2019. On October 21th, 2019, the documentary “40 taupada, herri bat” (40 heartbeats, one town) has presented during a special event on the 40th anniversary of the signing the Gernika Statute by the basque television EiTB (Bilbao, Basque Country -Spain).

Our Head of the Chair Enrique Zuazua participated this documentary which propose to the basque Society breaking out the daily-speedy lives to the what and how they live. Signing the Gernika Statute conferred on the Basque Autonomous Community 40 years ago several competencies, internalized by the basque people and taken for granted living as Society, but the really important must be what these competencies have brought to the Basque Country.

40 taupada, herri bat” (40 heartbeats, one town) is oriented to show Basque Society about education, culture, sport, protection and security, economic development and research, health, social services, Basque, media and social development and equality.

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