“Jakin eta Erein” (Know & Sow) – Renewable energies: future opportunities

“Jakin eta Erein” (Saber y Sembrar)

Eibar. 30.10.2019. On October 30 our Director Enrique Zuazua opened the 2nd. Edition of the special event “Jakin eta Erein” 2019 (Know & Sow) a driven action by the Eibar City Council and directed by Enrique Zuazua (FAU/Chair of Computational Mathematics-UDeusto/UAM) and Oihana Aristondo (EIG-Eibar) at the UPV/EHU -University of the Basque Country at the Eibar’s headquarters of the EIG – School of Engineering of UPD/EHU Gipuzkoa, Eibar.

This event under the title “Renewable energies: future opportunities” were developed by teachers and many experts linked to the city of Eibar for the students of the University. Their talks were about their visions on the most innovative experiences and challenges in the Energy sector:

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