ERC – Advanced Grant DyCon Training and Research Internships

ERC – Advanced Grant DyCon Training and Research Internships
DyCon ERC Project



The DyCon (Dynamic Control) project funded by the European Research Council-ERC brings the opportunity for excellent international students to join the world-class interdisciplinary research center Deusto Foundation in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.
Deusto Foundation is built up of researchers with diverse backgrounds in computer sciences, applied and computational mathematics and engineering, amongst other disciplines. DyCon requires motivated Undergraduate, Master and PhD students in mathematics and related areas.

We welcome applications for the internship positions for a maximum of one semester, which may take a form of:

  • One to six months stay
  • Master thesis
  • Industrial project
  • Part of PhD thesis in third institutions

Students will be selected in view of their Curriculum vitae, but also, based on the affinity of their research topics and expertise with DyCon objectives. Internship students will fully integrate the activities of the team during their placement in Deusto Foundation at the University of Deusto and will contribute to the development of the theoretical and computational objectives of the different working packages to which they will be assigned.

Selected applicants will be responsible for learning, suggesting and applying ideas under the supervision of DyCon researchers and according to an established plan, with the objective to successfully solve the issues stated in the Internship position announcement and prepare the expected deliverables.

This internship placement will be implemented within a collaboration framework between the student Institution (or the student) and the host institution. The student grant will cover full board compensation during the placement. The management of the project is looking for candidates to take this placement during 2019-2020.

For interested candidates, please sent a complete Curriculum vitae and a letter of presentation in English to Dr Miren Arretxe ( by the end of July 2020.