Less health and money, and more heartbreak

Less health and money, and more heartbreak

Worldwide. 02.07.2020. In a world still living the hard shake of COVID-19, our Head Enrique Zuazua put on the table on an article published on the basque journal Deia (Spanish) many thoughts about how people is dealing now with emotions, social distance, local economics consequences and beyond frontiers…life-reality ,after covid’.

“Now it seems that the waves are finally calming down, that the clouds are going back and we can face the future with serenity. But we still can’t see the horizon line, the dust has not completely dissipated.” (…)

These lines written by Enrique Zuazua invite to think about facing and living in a ‘new’ world:

“From the classic trinomial of the song “health, money and love”, we have lost a piece of the first and a good part of the second. Regarding love, or simply interpersonal relationships, we have taste the anxiety caused by not being able to speak to others, face by face, by reading their eyes and in the wrinkles on their faces. Now we know virtual life is possible but also it is much more tasteless and it is so easy to lose the north without the bittersweet of the social contact. Not everyone is capable of keeping serenity when the rules of the game suddenly change and everyday life is replaced by uncertainty.”

Today seems evident we could be prepared to the threat in Wuhan before emerging among us. Will we have learned for the next one? It is not clear.

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