Matemundo, by Enrique Zuazua

Spain. 17.03.2020. The last month, our Director Enrique Zuazua talked about “Matemundo” a special lecture of the Master in Gastronomic Space Design by the Higher Technical School of Architecture at UPV/EHU -University of the Basque Country in Donostia, Basque Country (Spain), the first master of this kind in Europe: gastronomy and architecture together.

This talk highlighted how Mathematics is everywhere, from the beginning to our everyday to the present and future. The relevance of Mathematics in all disciplines: Science, Arts, Architecture, Medicine, Music, Engineering, Computer algorithms, Agriculture, Finance, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence (AI), nature patterns, Imaging processing, etc. relies on their evolution and optimization through the new ways of Applied Mathematics with Society and the World.

See slides (PDF)