Numerical Control: Part A

Emmanuel Trélat, Enrique Zuazua. Numerical Control: Part A First Edition (2022), Elsevier Science & Technology. Handbook of Numerical Analysis XXIII, Vol. 23, p. 1-558, eBook ISBN: 9780323853392, Hardcover ISBN: 9780323850599

Abstract. Numerical Control: Part A, Volume 23 in the Handbook of Numerical Analysis series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters written by an international board of authors. Chapters in this volume include Numerics for finite-dimensional control systems, Moments and convex optimization for analysis and control of nonlinear PDEs, The turnpike property in optimal control, Structure-Preserving Numerical Schemes for Hamiltonian Dynamics, Optimal Control of PDEs and FE-Approximation, Filtration techniques for the uniform controllability of semi-discrete hyperbolic equations, Numerical controllability properties of fractional partial differential equations, Optimal Control, Numerics, and Applications of Fractional PDEs, and much more.

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