Uniform polynomial decay and approximation in control of a weakly coupled thermoelastic wave model

Thursday, July 4th 10:00, 2019
Logistar Room at DeustoTech

Salem Nafiri
Hassania School for Public Works, Casablanca, Morocco

Abstract: One of the main issues in the theory of approximation of partial differential equations is to determine whether the approximate solutions of these equations still converge to an equilibrium, when the continuous ones have this property and if yes how fast do the approximate solutions converge to it. This talk has three objectives. First, we give a historical overview of the state of the art of some thermoelastic systems and the asymptotic behavior of their solutions. Afterward, necessary and sufficient conditions are given to characterize the uniform polynomial stability of the family of evolution equation. Finally, uniform polynomial stability of solutions associated with approximation schemes of coupled thermoelastic wave model is proved. Numerical experimental results are also presented.

Slides of the presentation