CCM double-seminar: Research Topics: control questions in Lotka-Volterra and cross-diffusion models and Generative modelling and normalizing flows

On April 19th, our team members at CCMDeusto, Elisa Affili Postdoctoral Researcher and Pierre Mordant with an Internship from Ecole Polytechnique, will be talking in a double session as part of the CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics seminars, about:

10:30H “Research Topics: control questions in Lotka-Volterra and cross-diffusion models”
By Elisa Affili

Abstract. This is a brief seminar about my recent and future research topics. I will present a model for an asymmetric aggressive interaction between two populations. Then, by interpreting the aggressiveness parameter as a control, I will show a target-reachability problem. Moreover, I will present my next research topic about control on a cross-diffusion system.
Slides (Elissa Affili)

10:55H “Generative modelling and normalizing flows”
By Pierre Mordant

Abstract. An introduction to generative modelling and its applications, followed by a presentation of normalizing flows.
Slides (Pierre Mordant)