Collaboration with Benedetto Piccoli

U.S. 26.11.2019. Our team member Thibault Liard postdoctoral researcher at CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics has visited Prof. Benedetto Piccoli at the Rutgers University in Candem in United States of America.

From more than ten days Thibault has been collaborating with Prof. Piccoli to talk about Measure Differential Equation, a generalisation of ordinary differential equation in measure.

Thibault also discussed with the Piccoli’s team about leading to two new collaborations: One deals with the derivation from a microscopic model to a macroscopic PDE-ODE (DyCon working package 5-6) and the other one deals with existence of solutions for a PDE-ODE model where the PDE is a second-order model of conservation laws (DyCon working package 5)