Project name: CONVADP
Project reference: CONVADP
Funding source: ELKARTEK – Basque Government
Duration: March 2020 – December 2021
Principal Investigator (PI): Umberto Biccari

About the Project

CONVADP is a collaborative research project financed by the Basque Government under the umbrella of the Elkartek program. The research agenda of CONVAPD is developed by a consortium which, in addition to the Chair of Computational Mathematics, involves the following leader entities in the field of electrical engineering and energy:
Fundación Tecnalia Research and Innovation
INGETEAM R&D Europe, S. L.
Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa

The principal aim of the CONVADP project is to investigate different technologies for the increasing of the power density in converters working both in high power and low power applications, including energy extraction from eolic turbines or photovoltaic panels, active filters, drivers for boat, trains or electrical vehicles, and battery charge.

In this framework, the Chair of Computational Mathematics brings its expertise in control problems, optimization and related applications. In particular, our team is developing efficient strategies for Selective Harmonics Modulation, one of the key problems in modern electric engineering.

Project Members

Umberto Biccari
Miren Arretxe
Enrique Zuazua

Former Project Members

Jesús Oroya



Deyviss Jesús Oroya-VillaltaCarlos Esteve-Yagüe Umberto BiccariMultilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control. (2021)

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Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control