DyCon blog: Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control

Spain. 12.04.2021. Our team members Deyviss Jesús Oroya-VillaltaCarlos Esteve-Yagüe and Umberto Biccari, made a contribution to the DyCon Blog about “Multilevel Selective Harmonic Modulation via Optimal Control“:

Selective harmonic Modulation (SHM) is a well-known methodology in power electronics engineering, employed to improve the performance of a converter by controlling the phase and amplitude of the harmonics in its output voltage. As a matter of fact, this technique allows to increase the power of the converter and, at the same time, to reduce its losses.

The goal is to construct a step function u(t):[0,2π)→U with a finite number of switches, such that some of its lower-order Fourier coefficients take specific values prescribed a priori.

To solve the SHM problem, we propose an optimal control-based approach in which the Fourier coefficients of the signal u(t) are identified with the terminal state of a controlled dynamical system of N_a + N_b components defined in the time-interval [0,π) . The control of the system is precisely the signal u(t) , defined as a function [0,π)→U , which has to steer the state from the origin to the desired values of the prescribed Fourier coefficients.

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