High Order Mimetic Difference Operators

Thursday, July 11th 10:00, 2019
TIMON Room at DeustoTech

Jose Castillo
Computational Science Research Center, San Diego State University, San Diego, US

Abstract: Mimetic Difference Operators satisfy a discrete analog of the divergence theorem and they are used to create/design conservative/reliable numerical representations to continuous models. We will present mimetic versions of the divergence and gradient operators which exhibit high order accuracy at the grid interior as well as at the boundaries. As a case of study, we will show fourth order operators Divergence and Gradient in a one-dimensional staggered grid. Mimetic conditions on discrete operators are stated using matrix analysis and the overall high order of accuracy determines the bandwidth of the matrices. This contributes to a marked clarity with respect to earlier approaches of construction. As test cases, we will solve 2-D elliptic equations with full tensor coefficients.

Slides of the presentation