Modeling, Simulation and Applications

Modeling, Simulation and Applications

Switzerland. 28.11.2018.  MS&A publishes advanced textbooks and research-level monographs that will illustrate the scientific foundations of the modeling and simulation process as well as concrete instances of its role in addressing complex and relevant problems in everyday life.

Mathematical modeling aims to describe through mathematics the different aspects of the real world, their dynamics and their interaction. Numerical simulation provides accurate and certified solutions to complex mathematical models by means of scientific computing. Modeling and numerical simulation have become the road-map for mathematics to develop and analyze novel techniques to solve problems in basic sciences (such as physics, chemistry, biology) and engineering, environmental, life and social sciences.

A new series of the book, with editors such as Hou, T., Le Bris, C., Patera, A.T. and Zuazua, E. will be published under the ISSN 2037-5255. The purpose of this series is to host high level contributions describing the interplay among mathematical analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing, advanced programming techniques, control and optimization, validation, verification and testing. This interplay makes the modeling and numerical simulation process as a whole a unique and effective tool for applied sciences as well as for enhancing technological innovation. The series has already published some successful books (relevant also from a print/online sales perspective), and has planned to publish in the next 2 years about 10 new works focusing on the most significant emerging areas.

The Series in indexed in SCOPUS.

Volumes of the series are indexed in Web of Science – Thomson Reuters.