Long time behaviour of Optimal Control problems and the Turnpike Property

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
12:00h., Central Meeting Room at DeustoTech

Dario Pighin

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / DeustoTech (Spain)

The seminar will be devoted to the so called “Turnpike Property” in Optimal Control Theory, i.e. we will show the convergence of Non-Stationary Optimal Control Problems to the corresponding Stationary one as the time horizon T tends to infinity. Actually, we prove an exponential convergence far away from the initial point and the terminal point. We analyse both the Finite Dimensional and Infinite Dimensional Linear Quadratic Case with some controllability and observability assumptions. Furthermore, we extend our analysis to a Finite Dimensional Linear Convex Case, with controllability and observability assumptions as well.

 See the slides here