Optimal Control and Design of Structures and Fluids by Enrique Zuazua

Worldwide. 02.10.2020. Yesterday October 1st. our Head Enrique Zuazua presented “Control y Diseño Óptimo de Estructuras y Fluidos” (Optimal Control and Design of Structures and Fluids) invited by the Department of Mathematics at the Federal University of Paraíba (Universidade Federal da Paraíba), Brazil for the PPGMat – UFPB, Postgraduate Program in Mathematics created in 1994 to contribute to the qualification of math teachers across the Northeastern region of Brazil and to promote high level research in the fields covered by the Program.

You can watch the complete session from the PPGMat – UFPB channel:

Abstract. Control, Optimization, Optimal Design are disciplines that are frequently mixed with the aim of improving the operation of very diverse mechanisms and processes with a decisive impact on our lives and our social organization. The optimal shape of an airplane, laser operations for myopia, the management and regulation of financial markets or epidemics are some of the areas of application of these fields of Mathematics. These are mathematical disciplines that have emerged to respond to specific problems from the Natural and Social Sciences and Engineering, and that have generated deep and attractive Mathematics where Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Computing play a central role, the disciplines most committed to form and movement. In this conference we will take a tour of some of the most relevant milestones in these fields, highlighting the application fields with concrete examples and emphasizing the underlying mathematical key ideas. We will also indicate some of the new trends that emerge in the hybridization with Data Science and Machine Learning.

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