Asymptotic behavior and control of a “guidance by repulsion” model

Dongnam Ko, E. Zuazua, Asymptotic behavior and control of a “guidance by repulsion” model. Math Models Methods Appl. Sci. Vol. 30, No. 04, pp. 765-804 (2020).DOI:10.1142/S0218202520400047

Abstract. We model and analyze a herding problem, where the drivers try to steer the evaders’ trajectories while the evaders always move away from the drivers. This problem is motivated by the guidance-by-repulsion model [Escobedo, R., Ibañez, A. and Zuazua, E. COMMUN NONLINEAR SCI 39 (2016) 58-72], where the authors answer how to control the evaders’ positions and what is the optimal maneuver of the drivers. First, we obtain the well-posedness and the long-time behavior of the one-driver and one-evader model, assuming of the same friction coefficients. In this case, the exact controllability is proved in a long enough time horizon. We extend the model to the multi-driver and multi-evader case, and develop numerical simulations to systematically explore the nature of controlled dynamics in various scenarios. The optimal strategies turn out to share a common pattern to the one-driver and one-evader case: the drivers rapidly occupy the position behind the target, and want to pursuit evaders in a straight line for most of the time. Inspired by this, we build a feedback strategy which stabilizes the direction of evaders.

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