Dongnam KoDongnam Ko is a Ph. D. Currently he holds a Postdoctoral position at the ERC Advanced Grant project DyCon under the supervision of Prof. Enrique Zuazua (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and DeustoTech). In the past, he collaborated within the HYKE research group in the Seoul National University.

My primary field of expertise is the analysis of hyperbolic and kinetic Partial Differential Equations, especially on the long-time behavior of the systems and limit models related to the characteristic curves. From both the theoretical and numerical points of view, I studied stochastic and control theories on the collective dynamics. My research interestes covers:

  • Long-time behavior of coupled particle networks with and without noise.
  • Control problems on nonlinear nonlocal mean-field models.
  • The large population limit from the finite-dimensional system to the kinetic equations.


  • Ph. D in Mathematics (March 2014 – February 2018), Seoul National University, South Korea.
  • Bachelor’s Degree summa cum laude in Mathematics (March 2008 – February 2014), Seoul National University, South Korea.

Ph. D Thesis

On the emergence of local flocking phenomena in Cucker-Smale

Advisor: Prof. Seung-Yeal Ha – Seoul National University, South Korea
Description: In this thesis, we study the local flocking phenomena in Cucker-Smale model from the particle description to the hydrodynamic one. We focus on constructing proper Lyapunov functions and long-time behavior under a sufficient condition of parameters.
Link to the thesis.


  • 22.08.2019 Dynamics and control for the ‘Guidance by repulsion’ model, VIII Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics, Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual, Benasque, Spain, PDF Slides
  • 22.05.2019 Dynamics and control for the ‘Guidance by repulsion’ model, University of Zurich, Gaeta, Italy, PDF Slides
  • 26.05.2018 Large-time dynamics of the particle and kinetic Kuramoto model with frustration, KSIAM 2018 Spring Conference, KAIST, Korea, PDF Slides
  • 29.09.2017 On the emergence of local flocking phenomena in Cucker-Smale ensembles, Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, PDF Slides
  • 09.01.2017 Synchronization of Kuramoto model under additive noise, Workshop on Collective Dynamics of Muti-agent Systems Modeling, Analysis and Applications, Tsinghua University, Sanya, China, PDF Slides