Turnpike Control and Deep Learning – Fields Institute 2nd Simposium on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems

Worldwide. 01.09.2020. The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Toronto, Canada organized the Second Simposium on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems on September 21st to 25th, where our Head Enrique Zuazua and team member Borjan Geshkovski will present a lecture about Turnpike Control and Deep Learning.

The goal of this simposium is joining researchers all around the world on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems to find the intersection on these fields widely unexplored and filling the gap between the theory: how to analyze dynamical systems based on observed data rather than attempt to study it analitically and how to analyze algorithms of Machine Learning using tools from the theory of dynamical systems.

The following video shows the pre-recorded lecture “Turnpike Control and Deep Learning” by Enrique Zuazua and Borjan Geshkovski hosted on The Fields’ Youtube channel:

This lecture is based on a joint work with our CCM members Carlos Esteve and Dario Pighin.

If you want to attend this simposium check the details of this event at our calendar