Borjan GeshkovskiBorjan Geshkovski is a PhD Student at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). He earned a MSc in Mathematics at the University of Bordeaux, during which he did an internship on the topic “Obstacle problems: theory and Applications” within the DyCon team. Currently, he is studying for a PhD in Control Theory under the supervision of Professor Enrique Zuazua.

“My research interests are focused on control theory (controllability, optimal control, stabilization) of transient free boundary problems.”
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  • MSc in Applied Mathematics (2016 – 2018), Université de Bordeaux, France.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2012 – 2016), Université de Bordeaux, France.

Master’s Thesis

Obstacle Problems: Theory and Applications

Advisor: Prof. Enrique Zuazua.
Document: PDF file of the thesis can be found here.