Math Encounter

Spain. 02.03.2020. Last week, on February 25th. the team members of CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics made the Math Encounter a special workshop organized by CCM to talk about key topics of the Applied Mathematics:
-Opening by Enrique Zuazua Iriondo
-Initial data reconstruction for Hamilton-Jacobi equations | By Carlos Esteve
-The turnpike property and the Hamilton-Jacobi equation | By Dario Pighin
-Reinforcement Learning in continuous spaces | By Jesus Oroya
-The natural frequency of continuous beam bridges based on the energy method | By Shiping Huang
-Mathematical Control in Deep Learning | By Borjan Geshovski
-Recommender systems and Multi Armed Bandit problems | By Jorge Mallo
-Time series prediction of discrete state and continuous time | By Aicha Karite
-Turnpike in linear systems theory | By Jan Heiland
-Model predictive control with random batch method | By Dognam Ko
-A PDE-ODE model for traffic control with autonomous vehicles | By Thibault Liard

Download the complete program of the Math Encounter