Collaboration with Benedetto Piccoli

U.S. 26.11.2019. Our team member Thibault Liard postdoctoral researcher at CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics has visited Prof. Benedetto Piccoli at the Rutgers University in Candem in United States of America. From more than ten days Thibault has been collaborating with Prof. Piccoli to talk about Measure Differential Equation, a generalisation of ordinary differential…

Current ERC projects joint with UAM

Spain. 20.11.2019. The DyCon ERC project intends to contribute decisively to progress in the broad field of differential equation control and its numerical approximation methods, addressing key problems from the mathematical point of view, pending resolution, … More information at the UAM website

Dycon Working Package 5: Memory and hybrid PDE/ODE models

Spain. 20.11.2019. Umberto Biccari, postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Computational Mathematics of the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Basque Country Spain) explains the key topics in the Working Package 5 (WP5) of the DyCon (Dynamic Control) ERC Advanced Grant project: Memory and hybrid PDE/ODE models

November 19th: World toilet day

Global. 19.11.2019. Today we join to the World toilet day celebrated every year on November 19th, an official date from 2013 by the UN – United Nations World toilet day initiative to get the citizens attention about a global health and environmental crisis all over the world. Why is so important? Access to water, sanitation…


Courses by CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics


Seminars by the Chair of Computational Mathematics    

Introduction to Applied Mathematics

Organized by CCM – Chair of Computational Mathematics From October 11th 2019 until Jan 2020, University of Deusto (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain). Tuesdays / Thursdays at 11:00-13:00 Abstract: This course presents an introduction to Post-doctoral . The lectures will be organized in various thematic modules developed through different sessions. Lectures DATE & ROOM PRESENTER SUBJECT…

New IJMI journal site

Global. 14.11.2019. The new IJMI journal with World Scientific, one of the world’s leading academic publishers and the largest international scientific publisher in the Asia-Pacific region is now available: International Journal of Mathematics for Industry. It is welcome readers to the journal published by World Scientific by sharing the goals and new directions for IJMI.…

New book “Vivir dos veces” (live twice)

Spain. 01.11.2019. Our Director Enrique Zuazua has been invited to the presentation of the new book “Vivir dos veces” (live twice) by Alex Aranzabal (President of the SD 2009-2016) who inspired on the basis of the remarkable job over centuries made by the “Compañía de Jesús” a religious organization with St. Ignacio de Loyola as…

Belhassen Dehman 60 by Enrique Zuazua

Tunisia. 31.10.2019. At the end of the last month the “Contrôle et stabilisation des EDPS” event has been celebrated in honor to Belhassen Dehman and our Director Enrique Zuazua was invited to take part of. Due to his agenda this could not happen personally but to be part of this special event Enrique Zuazua prepared…